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Counter/Timer Board: MSXB 036

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DAP 5216a

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DAP 5000a

DAP 4000a/212

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Technical Note 190

Using the MSXB036: Monitor elapsed time while measuring rotating machinery using an optical encoder.

The MSXB 036 Counter/Timer Board is used for frequency counting, rotational speed (tachometer) measurement, and closed loop process control based on frequency criteria. Engine performance monitoring is a typical application.

The Counter/Timer Board provides 16 digital input lines and 16 digital output lines, counts up to 6 MHz on 10 channels, and has two 100 MHz frequency prescalers.

There are several cabling options for the MSXB 036 Counter/Timer Board. MSXB 036 may be connected to a DAP using various 100-line cabling options, or can be installed into a Digital Backplane.

Bare Board Options

  • MSXB036-03-C3Z

Single-Board Enclosure Options

  • MSXB036-03-C3C-B: Wago terminals, enclosed, 20 insulated BNC termination panel
  • MSXB036-03-C3Y: Wago terminals, enclosed, blank termination panel

Industrial Enclosure Compatible Options

  • MSXB036-01-E3C-B: Wago terminals, 20 insulated BNC termination panel
  • MSXB036-01-E3E: Wago terminals, 4 BNC termination panel
  • MSXB036-01-E3Y: Wago terminals, blank termination panel

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