Data Acquisition (DAQ) and Control from Microstar Laboratories

Control Loops < 0.05 ms

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Respond reliably: in time, every time

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DAP 5200a

Reliability matters. Onboard intelligence runs the time-critical parts of your application in real time right on the board, free of PC and network delays. Your application responds in time, every time.

  • R/T OS under Windows
  • reliable response
  • no PC or network delays
  • control loops < 0.05 ms

You direct onboard intelligence through a PC user interface, but it continues to work in real time even while your PC does something else: load a program, access the internet, or whatever.


Single Value

Block of 50

DAP 5200a

36.4 microseconds

215.8 microseconds

All times accurate to +/-1.3 microseconds.

An application based on a single board can service a single control loop in 36.4 us. The same board can service 50 PID loops in under 1/4 millisecond - that means an average processing rate of better than 5 us per loop.