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Isolated 16-Bit Analog Outputs: MSXB 075

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When you need to eliminate ground currents and phase errors

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Configuration Software Manual

Configuration Software

Isolated 16-Bit Analog Output Signal Interface Module, part number MSXB 075, provides isolated analog outputs for Data Acquisition Processor (DAP) systems. Use these modules to eliminate ground currents – a potential source of noise in your measurement and control signals – as well as to eliminate phase errors from analog outputs in your application.

MSXB 075 includes four single-ended analog outputs, with an isolated ground for each output, and offers simultaneous updating for multiple modules, across all channels. MSXB 075 lets you do all this at a reasonable cost per channel, even for a few outputs.

Channel Architecture allows up to 16 MSXB 075 modules to connect to a single DAP board. However, for systems with many isolated analog outputs, take a look at the MSXB 076.

The Isolated Analog Output Signal Interface Modules connect to the Data Acquisition Processor's digital connector through the digital backplane installed in an industrial enclosure.

MSXB 075 modules also fit directly into a DAPserver to form a network-ready isolated package. Add MSXB 084 and MSXB 078 modules for isolated analog inputs and isolated digital inputs and outputs.

Industrial Enclosure compatible models

  • MSXB 075-01-E3K-F: female DB-37 connector
  • Other panel options are available.

Stand-Alone and Single-Board-Enclosure models

Channel-to-Channel Isolation – MSXB075

analog output isolation diagram