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Digital Opto-Isolator Board: MSXB 016

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Recommended for all new systems:
MSXB 039 Digital Opto-Isolator Board

MSXB016 photo

DAP 5216a

DAP 5200a

DAP 5016a

DAP 5000a

DAP 4000a

The MSXB 016 Opto-Isolator Board allows quick and secure connection of discrete wires at high DC and AC voltages to up to 8 separately available optically isolated digital switching/sensing modules. Each channel may be configured for input or output. Modules are available that can sense 280 VAC and 280 VDC, and that can switch 280 VAC @ 3 amps, 60 VDC @ 3 amps, and 200 VDC @ 1 amp. MSXB 016 handles only digital inputs and outputs.

MSXB 016 requires an MSCBL 036-01 cable.

Available Options

  • MSXB 016-01: Wago connection points
  • MSXB 016-02: screw terminal connection points

Also compatible with Obsolete ISA boards: DAP 1200a, DAP 1216a, DAP 3000a, DAP 3200a, and DAP 3216a.