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Analog Input Expansion Board: MSXB 018

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Recommended for all new systems:
MSXB 060 and MSXB 061 Analog Input Expansion Boards

MSXB018 photo

DAP 5400a

DAP 5380a

DAP 5216a

DAP 5200a

DAP 5016a

DAP 5000a

DAP 4000a

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The MSXB 018 Analog Input Expansion Board expands 16 analog input lines to 64 analog input lines. The MSXB 018 provides 4 expansion ports that are compatible with MSTB 009 Analog Termination Boards.

MSXB 018 requires cable MSCBL 040-01 or MSCBL 041-xx. MSCBL 041-xx allows multiple boards to be daisy-chained on one cable.

Available Options

  • MSXB 018-04-A2Z: with sockets & fault-protected multiplexers, right-angle connector
  • MSXB 018-04-B2Z: with sockets & fault-protected multiplexers, vertical connector

Also compatible with Obsolete ISA boards: DAP 1200a, DAP 1216a, DAP 3000a, DAP 3200a, and DAP 3216a.